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Strawberry Meaning in Odia

English Meaning Odia Meaning
Strawberryଲିଚୁ କୋଳି

What is Strawberry in Odia

  • A sweet soft red fruit.
  • Low-growing plant that produces strawberries, which have white flowers, lobed leaves and runners, and is found throughout north temperate regions.
  • A deep pinkish-reddish colour.
  • sweet fleshy red fruit
  • Any of various low perennial herbs with many runners and white-flowered fruit followed by numerous small achenes scattered on the surface of a pale red crispy berry.
  • a soft red birthmark

Strawberry Nouns in Odia

  • strawberry
  • strawberry
  • salty sweets
  • red fruit with purple fruit
  • Fruit type Fruit type. redwood
  • a european plant with white flowers and red fruits
  • strawberry
  • Strawberries

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Strawberry Benefits in Odia

  • Keeps heart away from diseases
  • Helps in boosting immunity
  • Strawberry also removes the problem of constipation
  • Strawberries protect against cancer
  • beneficial for the skin
  • Strawberry is also beneficial in weight loss

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