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Paragraph on My Family in English for Students

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Short Paragraph on My Family in English for Class 3 and 4 Students

200 words on Paragraph on My Family in English

Paragraph on My Family in English – Family is another name for love and our personal identity. We get the basic rites and ethics of life from the family itself. We feel safe under the shadow of family.

My family is very small. My family consists of Grandfather, Grandmother, Mother, Dad and I have an elder sister. My grandfather has a grocery store of his own. My grandmother stays at home and does worship. My father works in a multinational company. My mother stays at home and does household work efficiently and at the same time teaches us. My elder sister studies in class 10th.

We all eat dinner together. At the dinner table, we share the events of the day with each other. Before sleeping, my grandfather tells me stories and at the same time gives guidance to live life. We definitely go for a picnic together once a week.

This family of mine, built on the basis of tradition, love and unity, is the most ideal family in the world. No power in the world can break my family. Family teaches us good conduct, which plays a very important role in our life. Truly I have a wonderful and loving family and for that I am indebted to God.

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Paragraph on My Family in English for Class 5 and 6 Students

600 words on Paragraph on My Family in English


Someone has said a lot that, “earning bread is not a big deal, but eating bread with family is a big deal”. Family is God’s gift because we can’t listen to our family. We are fortunate to have a perfect family. Just like there is no place safe from home in the whole world, similarly no one can be better than family. A person’s first school is his family. Because from here they get their basic sanskars. Family is like a tree.

Role of Each Member in the Family

My family is a perfect and happy family. In my family we live together like Grandparents, Mother, Dad, Uncle, Aunty, Aunt’s two sons and my sister like this we live together. My family is called a joint family. My grandfather and grandmother are the eldest and oldest person in the house.

Everyone in the family respects and respects him. Dada was in the army and is currently living a retired life. Grandfather does the gardening in the house and helps in the small and big tasks of the house. Grandmother also supports him in every work. At night, before sleeping, the grandfather tells stories to all the children and at the same time gives good teaching. All the members of the family take the opinion of grandfather and grandmother before doing any work.

My father works in a bank and mother works at home all day. My mother is very fond of making new dishes. All the members of the house keep praising his food. Apart from this, the mother also teaches the children of the house. My elder sister is pursuing her graduation in college and my uncle and aunt work in a multi nation company. Both his sons study in higher secondary. By 10:00 am everyone leaves the house for their work and by 6:00 pm everyone is back in the house.

I am the youngest in the house. That’s why everyone loves me very much. Don’t deny me about anything. At night all the members eat together. At that time we share the events that happened in our day with the family member. Many times we also discuss about any topic. This is the time throughout the day for which I keep waiting because I am very close to my family during this time.

Importance of Family

Discipline and etiquette are of great importance in my family. All the people of the house fulfill their own responsibilities, that’s why despite having such a big family, all the work is done according to the time and no one has any kind of problem. Whether it is a big festival or a small birthday party, everyone celebrates happiness by staying together. If anyone has any kind of problem, then together they solve it. Due to having such a big family, small quarrels keep happening but they also resolve them together with peace and restraint.

Conclusion of Paragraph on My Family in English

My family stands on the solid foundation of tradition, humility, empathy and unity. The family is responsible for the physical, economic and intellectual development of life. It is from the family that we get our personal identity. Truly I have a wonderful family. My heart and soul are always with my family in this home. My family is a true guide in life.

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