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Vehicle Name in Odia, Gadi Name in Odia

vehicle name in odia, Gadi name in odia.

English Vehicle Name in Odia

Vehicle Names in Oriya with audio pronunciation and transliteration in English.

Aero Plane --> ଉଡାଜାହାଜ

Aircraft -->Judha Jahaj

Ambulance --> ahatbahi gadi

Auto Rickshaw --> ରିକସା

Bicycle --> ଶୂନଗାଡି

Bike --> ବାଇକ୍

Biplane --> Comment

Boat --> ଡଙ୍ଗା

Bullock Cart --> baladgadi

Car --> କାର୍

Crane --> 

Fire Engine --> ଡମ କଳ ଗାଡି

Helicopter --> ହେଲିକପ୍ଟର

Jeep --> ଜିପ୍

Lorry -->

Motorcycle --> ମୋଟରଗାଡି

Road Roller --> ରାସ୍ତା ମରାମତି ଗାଡି

Ship --> ଜାହାଜ

Tractor --> ଟ୍ରାକ୍ଟର

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