Suggestion Odia Meaning Suggestion Meaning in Oriya

Suggestion Odia Meaning Suggestion Meaning in Oriya

English           Odia

Suggestion     ପରାମର୍ଶ

Definitions of Suggestion:

an idea or plan put forward for consideration.

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Synonyms of Suggestion:

proposal, proposition, motion, submission, recommendation, advice, counsel, exhortation, hint, tip, clue, tip-off, idea, piece of advice

Examples of Suggestion

  • there was a suggestion of a smile on his lips
  • at Seán's suggestion
  • is there a suggestion of irony there?
  • suggestion box
  • there's no basis for the suggestion that he'll return
  • she made a suggestion to her mother that she should buy it
  • it's only a suggestion
  • the power of suggestion
  • at my suggestion, the museum held an exhibition of his work
  • there is no suggestion that he was involved in any wrongdoing
  • there's a suggestion of ginger in this dish
  • the power of suggestion
  • there's no suggestion that the fire was deliberate