RIP Odia Meaning rip Meaning in Oriya

RIP Odia Meaning rip Meaning in Oriya

Definitions of occupation:

1. tear or pull (something) quickly or forcibly away from something or someone.

Ex:- countries ripped apart by fighting

2. move forcefully and rapidly.

Ex:- fire ripped through her bungalow

Synonyms of RIP:

yank, tear, snatch, jerk, tug, wrench. wrest, prise, force, heave, haul, drag, pull, twist, peel, pluck, grab, seize

Examples of rip

  • he heard something rip
  • Where is that old rip?” a deep voice shouted
  • a fan tried to rip his pants off during a show
  • he felt the gut-wrenching tug of the rip as he approached the shore